Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher 50L, 50 Liter, Black Stainless

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Make each bag hold 2x the trash with Household Essentials trash krusher Tk10 XL family edition! this larger trash can is perfect for family kitchens and fits a 13 gallon bag with no wasted space. The manual trash compactor built-into the lid crushes down the trash in the can, making each trash bag hold 2x as much garbage! that means taking out the trash less often and putting fewer bags of trash into landfills. This XL edition of the classic Tk10 trash krusher still has the step pedal hands free open and soft close lid, fingerprint resistant finish, thicker gauge stainless steel body, and removable plastic liner for fast and easy clean up. A notch in the back of the liner holds excess bag around the rim to keep the bag flush against the liner and prevent slipping. Best of all, the compaction device (CD) in the lid is large and easy to use. With just the force of your body, the trash compactor pops free of the lid and presses the waste and garbage down into the bottom of the can. The large rim keeps trash from pushing over the lip of the compactor, so your arm and hand stays clean. The CD clicks back into the lid with magnets and an audible snap (just counter the upward force with your thumb on the lid or your other hand). it’s a nice looking trash can, made of excellent quality materials, with the innovation we need for home. This 50 L waste can fits a 13-gallon liner; the can measures 25.5 inches high (+10 inches with lid open) x 17.5 inches wide x 14.6 inches deep. Its black stainless finish has the transparent, Smokey black quality found on all black stainless kitchen appliances.
Removable plastic bin Liner fits 13 gallon plastic trash bag liners
Step bin foot operated open with soft-close release
Stay-open lever to keep lid open when changing out the bag
17.5 L x 25.5 H x 14.6 W
US patent #8,584,886 B1

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