Power Gear, Clear, Plastic Outlet Covers, 30 Pack, Shock Prevention, Child Safe, Easy Install, UL Listed, 51175, 30 Pack, 30 Pack

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Cover any unused electrical outlets with Safety Outlet Covers from GE. Protect your home and family with these high-quality outlet covers. These safety outlet covers are the smart, easy way to help keep children from touching or attempting to insert objects into electrical outlets. The one-piece design plugs directly into your outlets for a tight, easy fit. The safety covers also guard against shocks and help prevent short circuits. The outlet covers also help in keeping your home energy efficient by preventing drafts throughout your home. Please note that the outlet covers are intended to make it difficult for children to gain access to energized outlets. Like any other child-resistant product, this device is not a substitute for adult supervision. This product is UL listed and is backed by a 90-day limited.
Protection – Use the Power Gear Safety Outlet Covers to protect your outlets and your family
Child Safety – These plastic outlet covers are a simple way to keep children from touching or attempting to insert objects into electrical outlets
Easy Install – The wall outlet cover is ready to use, and easy to install into your unused outlets
Shock Prevention – The outlet safety covers guard against shocks and helps prevent short circuits
High Quality – The one-piece design of the clear outlet covers plugs in easily and fits tightly

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