Security Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock with keypads, Fingerprint Smart Lock for Front Door, Bluetooth Electronic Lock with Fingerprint, Touchscreen Keypad, Keys, IC Card, APP

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Product Description

Security Smart LockSecurity Smart Lock

5 in1 Keyless Entry Door Lock5 in1 Keyless Entry Door Lock


Key Features of Our Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

 Smart Lock Keyless Smart Lock Keyless

Smart door LockSmart door Lock

Fingerprint Smart LockFingerprint Smart Lock

Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door LockKeyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock

Fingerprint Identification

When you put your fingerprint on the scanner correctly, the smart lock for front door will sense your fingerprint 360 degrees with a sensitive conductor and recognize your finger within 1-2 seconds. The recognition rate is higher than 98%. To improve the recognition accuracy, please record a fingerprint multiple times to cover each edge of the fingerprint.

Use IC Card to Unlock

The IC card is more convenient to carry, and the unlocking speed is faster. It is very easy to set up the IC card in your smart phone APP (including 2pcs).

Anti-peep Keypad Code

The smart deadbolt can enter up to 12 digits including real code.. Enter a random password before or after the correct password to protect your password from snooping.

150 Custom passwords can be stored, and the passwords sent by the APP are not limited.

Your phone is your key

Use the app (TTLock) to lock and unlock, you can also share E-key with your families or friends. You can lock or unlock your smart Lock from anywhere anytime, you don’t need to worry about not carrying mechanical key and forget your password.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door LockKeyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock

Smart LockSmart Lock

Smart LockSmart Lock

Smart LockSmart Lock

Backup mechanical keys

Each keyless keypad door lock is equipped with 3 keys. The key is unique and can only open the corresponding lock, which improves security and you don’t have to worry about being locked out.

Protect your privacy

Smart Lock stores your fingerprint and IC card data locally instead of in the cloud. Don’t worry that losing your card will leak information, because you can delete specific data or fingerprint user and IC card information.

Security Smart Door Lock

The security switch is under the knob, and only the manager account can unlock when you switch it to RED. It can’t be locked by keyboard, or unlocked by password, card and fingerprint.

USB powered backup

When the Smart Lock is out of power, you can use a power bank to unlock it. A micro USB can directly power the lock and activate the keyboard. Charge it through the locked port.


Simple DIY Installation

Smart Lock Keyless Entry Door Lock (Compatible L/R Side)

1. Please note L/R side has different install method.

2. Knob direction: Switch the toggle switch to L/R according to your door direction. Switch to L for left-sided door (the knob on the back of the lock remains horizontal)/. Switch to R for a right-sided door (the knob on the back of the lock remains vertical).

3. If you can’t use the APP or keypad to control unless insert a key(lock is stuck), please help to check: re-install after rotate the spindle by 90 degree.

4. If the lock is in a non-addable state (the name is gray on the APP), please reset try to connect again. The specific operation:

Long press the reset button, after hearing the voice prompt, press the 000✓ key on the touch keyboard of the lock, the color of the name of the APP lock changes from gray to black, and the setting is successful, you can add the lock.

Keyless Entry Door Lock – The smart lock can recognize your fingerprint within 0.3 seconds and unlock your door within 1 second. You can enter your home without a key! You can set up to 200 different fingerprints, and you can also set up regular, permanent, one-time or custom passwords for your family members, friends, guests, housekeepers or employees.
Smart Door Locks with Keypads – Five ways to unlock your door- Fingerprint, APP, Keypad, IC Card and Mechanical Keys. Bring you convenience, safety and trust. Don’t worry about losing your IC card, because you can delete specific keychain or fingerprint users as needed.
Ensure Your Home Safety – you can set up an automatic lock function, don’t worry about forgetting to lock the door, it will automatically lock when you leave. Smart Lock can provide additional home security through automatic lock (9-120 seconds, custom). After entering the wrong password 5 times, the smart lock will alarm and automatically lock for 5 minutes.
Remote Sharing Password – You can lock/unlock your smart door lock anytime and anywhere, and remotely generate timed or one-time temporary passwords for guests. Or you can send an eKey (the recipient needs to download the TTLock App and register an account), and the new account will be automatically locked without matching again. The administrator account can manage all accounts by clicking “eKeys” in the app.
High Quality & Easy to install – Intuitive OLED touch screen, solid zinc alloy body, impact resistance, suitable for harsh environments (working temperature range: -20℃~65℃). Long battery life, 4pcs AA batteries can provide 5000 openings (about 6 months). Follow the instructions to easily install the smart door lock, no additional drilling is required, and it only takes a few minutes to replace the existing bolt knob (suitable for door thickness from 1.49 inches to 1.88 inches)

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